HiroshigeⅡ& ToyokuniⅢ / No. 10, Farmer of Yamashiro Kawada Village, Mimuroto-Ji Temple, Yamashiro Province, Amazing Stories of Kan'non Temples of Western Provinces

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年代 : 安政5年
サイズ : 大判
刷 : 良
保存 : 良
詳細 : -


『観音霊験記 西国巡礼』は、西国に点在する観音霊場を関連する逸話と共に描いたシリーズ。上部に寺の境内の図が、下部に霊験の逸話が描かれている。


Date : 1858
Size : O-ban
Impression : Good
Condition : Good
Detail : -

The gentle daughter, who believed in the Kannon Sutra and never killed, saved a crab caught by the villagers, while her father also promised to give the daughter to save a frog that was about to be swallowed by a snake.
When the snake who transformed into a man came for the daughter as promised, the daughter chanted sutras and prayed to Mimuroto-Ji Temple. Then, the crabs immediately appeared and began to swarm them and saved them.
An incense burner was lying in front of the sutra table, and smoke was rising from the incense sticks. The scene is well described as the daughter was upset and in a desperate situation because of the coming of the snake.

"Amazing Stories of Kannon Temples of Western Provinces" is a series of Kannon's sacred temples scattered throughout western provinces with related anecdotes. The upper picture depicts the temple, and the lower picture depicts anecdotes of spiritual experiences.

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