KOMURA Settai / Hommage of Hanshan and Shi De

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年代 : -
サイズ : 29.1 × 45.9 ㎝
刷 : 優良
保存 : 良
詳細 : 限定300 / アダチシール版 / 少汚れ



Date : -
Size : 29.1 × 45.9 ㎝
Impression : Very good
Condition : Good
Detail : ed. 300 / Adachi seal on reverse / Slight browning

This painting depicts two legendary poets from the Tang dynasty in China, Hanshan and Shide, who likened to two women. The women are writing poems on leaves, and the leaves are scattered around their feet, and it looks like creating a sense of space with a minimum of elements. It is characteristic of Settai, who was also active in the field of design.
At the age of 16, Settai decided to become a painter and became a pupil of the Japanese painter Araki Kampo.
In 1914, he designed the binding of Izumi Kyoka's "Nihonbashi", and thereafter he worked on many of Kyoka's works, illustrating them with woodblock prints in multiple colors, as well as Kiyokata.
Settai also worked as an illustrator for newspapers and magazines.
In 1933, he published the newspaper novel "Osen" by Kunieda Kanji, which became one of his most famous illustrations, and "Oden Jigoku" in 1934.
Settai's beauty paintings have an ukiyoe-like atmosphere, and his style is thought to have been influenced by Harunobu.
Many of Settai's woodblock prints were published by Adachi Publishing Company and Takamizawa Publishing Company.

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