TSUCHIYA Koitsu / Shin-Kyo Bridge, Nikko

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年代 : 昭和12年
サイズ : 大判
刷 : 優良
保存 : 良
詳細 : 土井貞一版 / 校合摺とのセット




Date : 1937
Size : O-ban
Impression : Very good
Condition :Good
Detail : Published by Doi Sadaichi / With proof print

Kyogo-Zuri, the monochrome line-drawing print, is the first step in the process of making woodblock prints such as Ukiyo-e and Shin-hanga.
It is pasted onto the woodblocks, from which the color plates are made.
In this artwork, the Shin-Kyo bridge in Nikko is depicted against a background of moist air rising from the river.
The season is probably early summer. The riverside is dense with greenery, and we can feel the moist breath of the forest.

Since TSUCHIYA Koitsu was the youngest pupil of Kiyochika, he was like a part of the family of Kiyochika. He assisted Kiyochika's artworks and also did housework, for instance, babysitting. In 1931, he met Watanabe Shozaburo, the most famous Shin-Hanga publisher, at the exhibition of the 16th year of Kiyochika's death. Watanabe offered him to make Shin-Hanga works, Koitsu joined and created some works and exhibited "Night cherry blossom at Gion" and "Moonlit Evening at Osaka Castle" at the 3rd exhibition of Modern print which was sponsored by Watanabe. It was the late debut of the famous Shin-Hanga artist.