Paul Jacoulet / Return from the Jungle, Tondano, Celebes

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年代 : 昭和23年 
サイズ : 47 × 36.4 cm
刷 : 優良
保存 : 良
詳細 : 限定250 / 英数字エディション

ポール ジャクレーはフランスパリの生まれで、3歳の時に来日した。日本文化を学び、油絵・デッサンを黒田清輝と久米桂一郎から、日本画を輝方・蕉園から学んだという。


Date : 1948
Size : 47 × 36.4 cm
Impression : Very good
Condition : Good
Detail : ed. 250 / Edition number in alphameric character

Paul Jacoulet was born in Paris, France, and moved to Japan when he was three years old. He learned Japanese culture, oil painting and sketching from Kuroda Seiki and Kume Keiichiro, and Japanese painting from Terukata and Shoen.
In 1931, at the suggestion of Fujikake Shizuya, he began to produce woodblock prints, and in 1933 he established the Jacoulet Print Study Institute, where he continued to produce 166 new prints while living together with engravers and printers.
Jacoulet's woodblock prints were sold in the form of distribution, mainly to Westerners in Japan and abroad.
After the war, U.S. military personnel stationed in Japan competed to purchase his works, and retrospective exhibitions were held in various locations in Japan and the United States.

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