YOSHIDA Toshi / Sunrise at Mendocino

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Tag: Animal  
Price ¥240,000
年代 : 昭和52年
サイズ : 115 × 80 ㎝(イメージサイズ)
刷 : 良
保存 : 良
詳細 : ed. 300 / 少シミ / 額装


吉田 遠志は吉田博の長男で穂高の兄にあたる。父吉田博に絵画を学び、世界中をともに旅した。

Date : 1977
Size : 115 × 80 cm (picture size)
Impression : Good
Condition : Good
Detail : ed. 300 / Slight foxing / Framed

The sky and trees are tinged red in the dazzling morning glow, while the trees and animals in the still-dark areas are wrapped in a vivid purple veil that seems to hold a variety of colors.
Powerful and huge woodblock print.
Yoshida Toshi is the eldest son of Yoshida Hiroshi and a brother of Yoshida Hodaka. He learned painting from his father and traveled all around the world with him.
He took over Hiroshi's awe at nature and drew the wild animals after his stay in Africa in 1970.
He also published the picture book of animals and got an award.