Yoshitora / Foreigners Playing in Bushu Yokohama

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年代: 文久元年
サイズ : 大判
刷 : 良
保存 : 良
詳細 : 小虫穴補修




Date : 1861
Size : O-ban
Impression : Good
Condition : Good
Detail : Restored small wormholes

In 1859, when the National isolation of Japan was lifted and the port of Yokohama was opened, people and cultures from various countries flowed into Japan at once, and ukiyo-e artists were quick to capture the new culture.
In this artwork, Yoshitora depicted people from various countries enjoying Japanese culture in Yokohama.

Yoshitora was one of the pupils of Kuniyoshi and was active from the end of the Edo-shogunate to the Meiji era. In 1968, he become the second artist of the Ukiyo-e artist ranking, and it tells us that he had actually been known in the Ukiyo-e field.
He had especially been known with artworks of the depictions of the new culture which came from overseas and the scenery of Yokohama where thrived as an international town. In the era, general citizens hadn't seen the actual western cultures, architecture from foreign countries, and the fashions, so people could know it from Ukiyo-es.

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