Hiroshige / Timber Yard, Fukagawa, 100 Famous Views of Edo

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年代 : 安政3年
サイズ : 大判
刷 : 良
保存 : 良
詳細 : 少ヤケ / 端折




Date : 1856
Size : O-ban
Impression : Good
Condition : Good
Detail : Slight soiling / Side fold

Kiba, which translates to "place of lumber," was named after the many lumber wholesalers and lumberyards that were located there.
The sky was enveloped in heavy snow clouds, and the birds seems to be hurrying back to their nests.
In the foreground, two puppies in their thick winter hair are playing as if they didn't care about the cold.

The hit series of Ukiyo-e "One Hundred Famous Views of Edo", published from 1856-1859, including several of the Ukiyo-e masterpieces by Hiroshige. Hiroshige began this project at the age of sixty, and in it, captured many charming scenes of the Edo era through very original, vertically-arranged compositions. Though he intended to create only 100 works, in the beginning, the overwhelming popularity of this series led the artist to produce a total of 118 prints over 3 years.

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