OHARA Shoson / Night Heron on the Bough of a Willow Tree in Rain

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Tag: Animal   Rain scene  
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サイズ : 色紙判
刷 : 優良
保存 : 優良
詳細 : -


Size : Shikishi-ban (approx. 20.5 × 23 cm)
Impression : Very good
Condition : Very good
Detail : -

OHARA Koson (1877-1945) is revalued in Japan in recent years. His artworks of flowers and birds are depicted with his sharp, observant eyes and excellent painting techniques. These eyes and techniques are very high, however, he was a little-known artist in Japan. The reputation in Japan boomed after the reputation grew in foreign countries, like the situation of Ukiyo-e.
He has used his 3 names, Koson, Shoson, and Hoson.