KOMAI Tetsuro / Stream

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年代 : 昭和48年
サイズ : 15 × 14.8 cm(イメージサイズ)
詳細 : 限定200 / エッチング / 額装(密閉)/ 駒井哲郎銅版画作品集特装本のために制作


Date : 1973
Size : 15 × 14.8 cm (Image size)
Detail : ed. 200 / Etching Framed (Sealed up) / Created for the book of print artworks of Komai Tetsuro

Komai learned copperplate engraving from Nishida Takeo and got a prize of Shunyo-Kai. In the next year, he got a prize at the first São Paulo Art Biennial.
Komai was highly appreciated even in the overseas with Munakata Shiko, and it enabled him to make a spectacular debut in the Japanese art field after WWⅡ.
His artwork had an impact on a lot of Japanese print artists, as a pioneer of the copperplate field.