YOSHIDA Hiroshi / Sacred Bridge

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年代 : 昭和12年
サイズ : 大判
刷 : 優良
保存 : 優良
詳細 : -


Date : 1937
Size : O-ban
Impression : Very good
Condition : Very good
Detail : -

When Yoshida Hiroshi was 23 years old, he went to the US with Nakagawa Hachiro and held an exhibition at Detroit Institute of Arts. In the next year, they succeeded the exhibition together.
Then his artworks are expressed that "Yoshida draws the air", and all paintings were sold out.
After that, he traveled all around the world and held successful exhibitions.
In 1920, Yoshida met Watanabe Shozaburo, and they began creating Yoshida's woodcut prints.
In addition, Yoshida established his own studio in 1925 and started publishing his woodblock print works.
Yoshida was famous in the US, thus his studio was used as the art salon of the occupation forces after WWⅡ. In 1945, just after the war ended, Mrs. MacArthur has also visited Yoshida's studio. The workshops and tours of the studio for the officers were often held. This episode shows us how famous he was and popular in the US.